Woodwind Family

The four main instruments – flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon – are very different from each other, but all make good solo instruments. Just one can sound clearly right through the orchestra when it is given a melody of its own to play. So orchestral pieces are stacked with great woodwind solos!

As the woodwind players sit behind the strings, they’re further away from the conductor and have to watch carefully. But their sound doesn’t have any trouble in floating right over the top of the strings and across to the audience

Woodwind Instruments contain several instruments that make up the family with various ranges and timbres.

These include:

- Flute
- Oboe
- Clarinet

- Bassoon

How do woodwind instruments make a sound?

Introduction to Woodwind

30 woodwind instruments in 1 piece

Writing For Percussion

Writing for Woodwind

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