String Family 

String instruments have always been beautiful – to see and to hear. They have a stylish, elegant shape. Good violins aren’t built by machines like identical cars in a factory: each one is crafted by hand out of top-quality wood and carefully varnished. Old instruments were sometimes even decorated with beautiful patterns.

The shape of the violin family instruments is a bit like the female body. Many of its parts have the same names as parts of the human body: belly, neck, back, shoulders.

All string instruments are ‘chordophones’: the sound is made by vibrating strings that are stretched between two points.

String Instruments contain several instruments that make up the family with various ranges and timbres.

These include:

Double Bass

The strings are the largest section in an orchestra and include:
- 1st Violin
- 2nd Violin
- Viola
- Cello
​- Double Bass

Here are a few videos showing the rand of string techniques:

Sul Tasto

Sul Ponticello

Col Legno


Con Sord / With mute

String Techniques

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