The Maestro Programme



Entry Requirements

College entry criteria plus ANY of the following:

  • GCSE Music (minimum grade 5)

  • Related experience of music inside/outside of school

  • Studying A Level Music or BTEC Music Technology

The Maestro Programme is designed for those who are gifted and talented in music and want to progress further in their musical studies. On completion, students will achieve a Rockschool Level 3 Certificate for Music Practitioners, which counts towards UCAS points and is accepted as an entry qualification for some universities and conservatoires. Students will study a pathway of either composition, performance, music technology or music business. The course has close links with Higher Education providers including the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester University, Huddersfield University in addition to a wide range of employers.

What will I study?

You will study one of the pathways completing a self-led project. Your tutor will act as an advisor but will be limited in the amount of input they can give in your final product.


• Composing Music (Styles)

• Demonstrate skills to create finished musical works in defined styles evaluating the results and on skill development

• Work alone to compose two completed musical pieces, each a minimum of three and a maximum of four minutes

• Describe the arrangement of the composed pieces

• Evaluate how well the compositions created met the specified criteria



• Live music performance and analysis. Students are required to demonstrate the skills to perform a set in a specific live environment and identify strengths and areas for improvement

• Analyse personal aims in relation to the live performance of a musical set

• Analyse a range of suitable, available performance situations

• Undertake the live music performance

• Draw conclusions on the success


• Music Sequencing and Production: Demonstration use of digital audio workstation software to create a project file and evaluate the results

• Use synthesis, sampling, quantisation, audio and midi editing, automation, the use of inserts and send effects and bouncing

• Create a project log to explain the work undertaken



• Getting Work in Music: Establish strategies for generating sustainable income in the UK music industry

• Evaluate three roles or functions within supply chain or areas of work in the music industry

• Devise and explain personal strategies to generate revenue

• Evaluate learning by assembling a portfolio

Skills development:

You will develop the following employability skills:

  • Perseverance

  • Independent working

  • Responsibility

  • Team work

You will also be able to undertake the ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory qualification.

Where will this course lead me?

The skills and knowledge gained from the programme will support students in their application to study a music related course at university.

We will also have sessions on writing personal statements, completing auditions and on applying to university / conservatoire.

Due to the transferable skills that music offers, it is a highly regarded course for Higher Education institutions. Students progress to study Music and Music Technology at university and many are invited to apply for a conservatoire for further study of this specialist subject. Through our Maestro Programme, we work in partnership with many prestigious universities as well as the Royal Northern College of Music, Leeds College of Music and Birmingham Conservatoire.

Other career pathways apart from studying music related courses have included:

History, Management, Digital Marketing, Cosmology, Engineering, Computing Forensics, Music Therapy, Veterinary Nursing and Pharmaceutical Science.

Students have gone on to study at Salford, Derby, Huddersfield, Edge Hill, Bath, York, London School of Music Theatre, Guildford and Birmingham.

Trips and Visits

  • You will have unique opportunities to meet experts in the field of music

  • You will receive a visit from the Royal Northern College of Music

  • You will receive a visit from the University of Manchester

  • A variety of other trips and visits to other institutions.

Some student work: