Lunchtime Concert Series

Each week in the Harrock Building Atrium, the students host a Thursday Lunchtime Concert. This involves musicians, actors, dancers, DJs ... any skills the students have got to showcase.

Have a look at some of our more recent 'Virtual Thursday Lunchtime Concert' series.

14th May 2020 VTLTC
4th June 2020 VTLTC
25th June 2020 VTLTC
21st January 2021 VTLTC
21st May 2020 VTLTC
11th June 2020 VTLTC
2nd July 2020 VTLTC
28th January 2021 VTLTC
28th May 2020 VTLTC
18th June 2020 VTLTC
14th January 2021 VTLTC
4th February 2021 VTLTC