Brass Family 

There are a number of different brass instruments. There are different types of brass instrument depending on time, culture and type of music. Brass bands, for example, have different brass instruments compare to orchestras.

With the development of brass instruments came the development of valves and a less primitive set of instruments. Early brass instruments simply used the harmonic series to produce notes whereas with the use of valves, a player can change the length of tubing in order to play more pitches. To alter the notes that could be played on early brass instruments, a 'crook' would be used to change the key of the instrument and the harmonic series that was being used.

Orchestral Brass:
French Horn

Brass Band Instruments:
- Cornet
- Euphonium
- Baritone
- Flugel Horn
- Tenor Horn

Renaissance / Baroque Brass:
- Sackbut
- Natural Trumpet

Harmonic Series Explained

Harmonic Series Lecture


Brass Instrument Techniques

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