About Our Department

The SJR School of Performing Arts is a constantly developing area. In the early days, the department consisted of A Level Music (with around 5 students), BTEC Music Technology (with around 4 students), A Level Performance Studies (with around 15 students) and A Level Dance (with around 8 students).

Over the years, the department has morphed and now has A Level Music (with over 80 students), BTEC Music Technology (with over 60 students), BTEC Acting (with over 60 students) and BTEC Dance (with over 20 students). Students are also currently able to study Acting and Dance together or some students even choose to study Music, Acting and Dance and become a full 'performing arts' student. Many of the students in the area decide to study a full programme of Music Courses with A Level Music, BTEC Music Technology and then the Maestro Programme.

We are very proud of our multi-award winning department and the growth in numbers, facilities and reputation we have had over the years and our aim is to strive for continued growth and improvement whilst enriching the lives of our students and becoming a Performing Arts family.

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